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We are an Environment Agency registered recycling company.

Waste Material Recycling

All Waste segregate waste into categories such as metal, wood, hardcore, paper, soil etc.. to reduce landfill. We are able to deal with any quantity of waste, nothing is too small or too large.

Our responsibilities for your waste

As licensed waste carriers and a registered recycling company when we dispose of your waste we have legal responsibilities. This includes having a ‘duty of care’ for waste. The duty of care aims to protect the environment and human health by making sure that waste is handled safely and only passed to people authorised to receive it.

We always:

Make sure the waste is safely contained and is not able to escape control Make sure the correct documentation is completed for each transfer of waste and that it correctly describes the waste Minimise the environmental impact of waste by prioritising waste prevention, re-use, recycling and recovery over disposal.

This is known as applying the ‘waste hierarchy’

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